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Who is CES?

Consolidated Energy Solutions Inc. (CES) are experts in the design of dehumidification HVAC systems capable of controlling humidity in diverse supermarket environments.


As the industry leader in innovative, integrated solutions, we provide unmatched equipment, service and support to many of the largest chains across North America.


From energy savings to lifetime cost of ownership, our Multi-Path™ technology leads the next generation of HVAC dehumidification systems. Nobody knows more about supermarket humidity control than CES.

Our New Partnership

We’ve joined forces with global software provider, IMS Evolve, to present complimentary IoT solutions that drive significant cost reduction and deliver immediate results.


Discover how our combined retail expertise can help you navigate your digital transformation journey.

Differentiated Services

Tailored Propositions

Supermarket Experts

Proven Results

Trust & Experience

A Partnership that Makes Sense

Solutions Built to Solve Problems

With aligned synergy from conception, both CES and IMS Evolve’s organizations were built with the sole purpose of solving real world problems for the retail sector. In parallel, we were establishing cutting-edge hardware propositions in North America as IMS Evolve were refining their software solution in the UK, with both organizations starting from the outside-in.


Successfully serving our own supermarket customers required us both to continuously develop and adapt our offerings, allowing us to establish our deep domain expertise and an innovative broad-based ecosystem approach.

Growth & Scale

Since 1998 we have provided thousands of retail sites with total system expertise and effective hardware solutions across North America. The IMS Evolve IoT solution is live in tens of thousands of retail sites across the World, managing billions of points of data every minute of every day.

Recognizing the scale and success of our proven solutions, as well as our shared passion for making life better for our customers and constantly striving for further efficiencies, our two organisations have come together to bring a powerful combination of operational and digital solutions to supermarkets.

Full Service Offering

This Partnership is designed to deliver full service, implementation and long-term support for our customers. Our tangible, scalable solutions bridge the gap between your operations and IT, bringing your physical and digital environment together into one unified platform that is designed specifically to release value quickly and support future investments and decisions.

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